Chief - WhiteStar


West Africa’s first program for Universities, Colleges & Professional Institutions to facilitate undergraduate education for their students in foreign universities with scholarships

. Only service in Ghana that helps your students get admissions in Master’s, MBA, PhD and other superspecialization programs in foreign universities with scholarships!

. Designed by CHIEF – Center for Higher International Education Facilitation – Ghana’s most organized and internationally networked education consultants

. WhiteStar is marked as a premium educational initiative, and only 8 best Universities, Colleges & Professional Institution scan sign-up in year.

. Universities, Colleges & Professional Institutions signing-up on WhiteStar are known as WhiteStar Universities, Colleges & Professional Institutions and they get access to CHIEF’s worldclass testpreparation and admission counseling services with assured admissions and scholarships for their students in more than 1000 different higher-education programs across 2000+ universities in United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and New-Zealand