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Turnkey Training Solutions

Schools - more so in Africa – are forced to compromise on T&D (Termination and disengagement) results because of multiplicity of training partners and a near complete absence of trainers who would operate on scientific and rigorous methodologies. CSS’s Turnkey Training Solutions Group has the capabilities, resources and experience of becoming a single-source training partner for an organization. It offers start-to-finish solutions encompassing training needs and goals identification, designing the training calendar and delivery of customized training across levels, contexts, geographies and divisions. Woven around the 4-Lever Model, CSS’s Turnkey Training Solutions are consistently and continuously synchronous with organizational objectives throughout all training-project cycles and maintain accountability to performance targets of the client organization.

The Turnkey Training Solutions Package includes:

1. Active assistance in Derivation and Formulation of Strategic People Development Goals

2. Comprehensive Analysis of School-wide Training Needs

3. Designing of the Master Training Calendar

4. Designing and scheduling of non-disruptive training programs in accordance to identified training requirements

5. Learning & Development Assessment in accordance to the client’s PMS

6. Refresher & Booster Training programs for specially identified trainee segments

Training Requirements/ Contexts Categories:

1. Induction Training of Fresh teachers into the organization (on organizational communication, corporate etiquette etc.)

2. Continuous Business Skills Top-up programs for staff and managers

3. Functional Skills Top-Up/ Refresher Programs

4. Skills Development under job-enrichment/ job rotation programs

5. Training to facilitate lateral/ diagonal/ vertical job/ task/ process migration

6. Motivational and “correctional” training for “watched” employees