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Training Programs & Coverage

The CSS Capacity Building and Training Practice group offers a wide array of training programs in On-site/Off-site/Open Public Workshop formats. We cover the entire gamut of skill development and competency building requirements in large complex organizations and schools.

Our clients can choose from the list below..

The list below includes some of the more exciting and popular CSS programs. In addition to these, there is a portfolio of smartly designed training products like MaxxThinkTM, MaxxSpeedTM, MaxxLeadTM, MaxxovateTM, MaxxTrainTM, MaxxCommTM, MaxxStratTM etc., which are sharply focused to meet common skill development needs of your School. All of these programs can be customized to your school’s requirements.

Some of our popular Public Workshops include”

1. Attracting Private Equity Investors- Workshop for CEOs/ CFOs and Entrepreneurs

2. EVA Workshop for Senior Managers

3. The Maxxovate Workshop

4. Business Development Skills for schools companies

5. Background Check- From Concept to Implementation

6. Knowledge Management Strategy

7. The MaxxSpeed Workshop

8. Basic Finance for school owners

9. CRM Basics for Managers

10. Strategic Leadership Workshop for schools

11. Managing Relationship for IT Managers

12. Fundamentals of US GAAP

13. The Celebration Of Human Spirits-Lessons from Black The Movie

14. The Magic of Mentoring –Lessons from MATRIX –The Movie

15. B-School Branding workshop

16. The SalesMaxx Workshop

17. Managing Schools as Enterprises-Strategic Leadership Seminar for School Principals

18. Competency Framework-Strategic Seminar for HR Professionals

19. Corporate Governance –Seminar For Top Management

20. Stress Management Workshop

21. Marketing Analytics for Competitive Advantage

22. Emerging trends in New Product Management

23. Taking Ghanaian schools Global

24. The MaxxTrain Workshop: Power Learning for Trainers

25. Pricing for Profits

26. Advanced Data analysis for marketing decisions

27. Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility

28. Emerging Concepts in Auto didactism

29. Instructional Designing –Tools & Methodology

30. Managing Diversity-Cross cultural Management

31. Reskilling Challenges-Managing Careers through Reskilling

32. Implementing PCMM(people capability maturity model)

33. The MaxxMark Workshop

34. Personal Effectiveness Workshop

35. Risk Management with Derivatives

36. Negotiation Skills Clinic for Managers

37. Accelerated & Successful Store Brands-Workshop for Retail Professionals

38. The MaxxComm Workshop

39. Maximizing Sales Force Performance

40. Leadership and Change Management

41. The MaxxThink Workshop

42. Talent Audit Skills

43. Advanced Program on Cost Management

44. Debono Workshop in Lateral Thinking

45. Relevance of Ancient Wisdom in Modern Management-An Open Seminar