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Talent Retention Solutions

Economic boom times are the most challenging for organizations and their people strategists. The most seriously affected are educational institutions and others in the services sector. On the one hand, high employee attrition rates keep them on their toes to find replacements, on the other, costs of hiring seem to spiral out of affordable limits. Of course, add to this the biggest threat of senior employees exiting with clients, valuable business and sensitive information.

Needless to say, retaining talent has become almost a strategic objective of most schools today. Worldwide, companies spend millions of dollars in retaining key talents and those who manage to do it successfully and on time, compete better and end up saving and earning many more millions.

CSS’s Talent Retention Services offer end-to-end solutions to schools to not only help them combat Employee Attrition/ Retention problems, but to also make them become an attractive place for talents to stay back.

Our Talent Retention Solutions are offered on turnkey as well as “only advise” forms and include:

Identification of Attrition Causes: Quick and comprehensive study of the School climate, policies and practices to isolate, measure and categorize forces causing attrition.

Development of Attrition Impact Grid: Structured analysis on Retention value of employees in key functions and departments.

Comprehensive Retention Framework Design in template format which People Managers may use to devise retention solutions in the future.

A bouquet of Retention Strategies, Plans to be immediately implemented to arrest attrition. Implementation Roadmap and Support.

Post-Implementation Evaluation and Strategy control support.