Chief - Talent Measurement & Audit Services

Talent Measurement

We helps schools evaluate People effectiveness by linking people measures to maximize business results.

Through our world-class research and consulting expertise, state-of-the-art tools, CSS gives you the people heuristics you need to make important business decisions.

We specialize in Teacher surveys, Talent Survival Indexing and cultural assessment. More specifically, CSS offers solutions for:

• People effectiveness measurement

• Talent Engagement Analysis

• Talent survival indexing/ attrition level measurement

• Teacher Brand Equity evaluation

• Teacher satisfaction studies

Talent Audit

we also offer high quality Talent Audit Services required during organizational restructuring and pre M&A(Mergers and Acquisitions) due diligence to meet desired objectives. People strategies and plans should focus more on retaining key talent and students and in turn getting the most from the M&A decision and CSS is geared to provide reliable Talent Audit Solutions to ensure the same. Our Talent Audit solutions cover the following:

• Verification of people-related opportunities, risks and issues

• Evaluation and mapping of competencies of talents across levels

• Auditing of the schools structure and systems keeping in view the “change” / intervention requirements

• Work-culture Audits

• People-Processes Audits

• Development of fresh People strategy blueprints based on Audit Findings