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The SpeedPrep® Test Prep assistance program is the smartest of its kind you’ll find in Ghana.

Whether it is for ACT/ SAT/ GMAT/ GRE or TOEFL or IELTS, unlike most other test prep programs, SpeedPrep® respects the caliber of sharp candidates and leverages your ambient skills and knowledge in various test areas and concentrates on only those aspects that need more attention.

CHIEF’s proprietary THROTTLE methodology ensures rapid learning and skill development in improvement areas. The RigorMill is your assurance that you have practiced more than enough to get as close to 99 percentile as one can be, with a test prep program.

Indeed, while caring for speed, the SpeedPrep® never compromises on balanced and complete preparation and hence has accurately apportioned instruction and skill-building focus on all test topics built into it, to maximize your benefits from our test prep program.

Add to this the unique batch-specific approach of CHIEF instructors, which ensures that that you learn in small classes, in accordance with your level and desired pace..

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Speed-Prep Chief