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International Education Facilitation

International Education today is both exciting and complex. Exciting because, one can formally study virtually any subject at almost any level, and complex because of the multiplicity of tracks, options, programs and courses available across the world.

The universities in United States and Europe particularly offer a whole world of choices for undergraduate, graduate and research aspirants and even offer extremely specialized short-term programs in esoteric subjects and disciplines. At CHIEF, we help aspirants accurately understand their international education options and courses in their language; help them choose the right programs and majors; and equally critical, facilitate the selection of the right institutions.

CHIEF draws significantly from the expertise and experience of our partners, who deploy evolved and time-tested techniques and mechanisms to grid options for aspirants and arrive at University and Program selections.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that in entire West Africa, CHIEF’s capabilities to advise higher international education aspirants on program and university options remains unrivalled. .

Undergraduate, Graduate & MBA Study Options for Students

Individuals from Ghana and other African countries seeking to study abroad with scholarships in top universities and colleges in the United States, can choose from our US oriented services. ExcelB®: Undergraduate Studies in the US; ExcelM®: MBA Studies in the US; ExcelZ®: Graduate & PhD Studies in the US.

Admissions facilitation for other countries, especially Europe, Asia and Australia is offered through our ProB®:Undergraduate Studies; ProM®: MBA Studies and ProZ®: Graduate & PhD Studies programs.

To know more about how to go about choosing among more than 5000 universities and 20000+ programs available globally for international education, please write to us at

Undergraduate, Graduate & MBA Study Options for Institutions

CHIEF is Ghana’s only organization having the expertise and experience to help institutions, colleges, training institutes and Test Preparation centers get their students admitted in foreign universities across the widest possible range of undergraduate, graduate, MBA, PhD and other programs.

We help high schools and colleges get their students admitted into Bachelor’s programs in foreign universities and this entire advisory is provided on campus after setting up a Foreign Education HelpDesk. We offer two options for this service and institutions may choose between RedStar® for High Schools and WhiteStar® for Colleges.

To know more about how to link your students to the more than 5000 universities and 20000+ programs available globally for international education, please write to us at