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Essay Writing Assistance

Applying to US universities demands a lot of writing work. For undergraduate programs, applicants have to write statements of purpose and also letters for scholarships. For Masters, MBA and Ph.D there are a number of essays that need to be done.

In fact, as everybody may now know, most often than not, these essays and statements of purpose make the real difference, because, on all other parameters, most applicants tend to match each other out.

At CHIEF, we have the most experienced set of advisors for helping applicants craft just the right essays and statements of purpose. We specialize in research-led idea generation and then helping the applicant to blend these with what they have in their mind.

The core strength lies in developing a unique strategy for every applicant which decides what is to be projected and how of an applicant. We even help the referees to understand the nuances of what should be presented in an applicant’s recommendation so that all their strengths and weaknesses are projected sharply, clearly and anecdotally.

Indeed, contrary to popular belief, knowing good English alone is CERTAINLY not a guarantee for a good essay. Our WRITO® service ensures the most effective essay writing assistance one may obtain externally.

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