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Admission Application Management

Getting admissions in international universities often turns out to be more complex than it may appear initially. Institutions in United States and Europe have extremely scientific, objective, systematized and yet empathetic admission management systems and which often look deceptively simple.

But as our experience over the last 15 years show, applications to these institutions may suffer rejection because of no apparent reason; but once one pores, it becomes clear that the entire application just could not PRESENT the applicant as COMPETITIVE as the others.

That’s why CHIEF has helped students to get admissions and scholarships to study abroad in the very best of universities, in which, others with better scores were rejected! This comes out of our years of experience in understanding what exactly a particular university and a program may be looking for in an applicant.

Only CHIEF knows, that though most universities may have a Common Application form in United States; each of them actually silently demand very special presentations of the applicant’s credentials and that’s why at CHIEF; even if you apply to a dozen institutions, each of your applications will read different, shaped for that particular institution. Right from the point of making Application forms available to an applicant, down to that final moment when the Admission Letter is awarded; CHIEF is there right up with every applicant every moment of her journey.

We help in the nuances of the application-filling strategy; advise the referees on recommendation letters; help you create and compile a powerful set of credentials and support documents; advise you on interim-study programs so that before you go, you have actually prepared yourself for your studies abroad.

Most critically, we advise you on the statement of purpose and essays that need to be submitted and which often prove the MOST decisive of the factors during admission or scholarship decisions.The experts at CHIEF have probably the world’s richest knowledge-bases on International Education – having information even about the smallest of things like which professor in a certain department of a university can award six scholarships!

It will not be an exaggeration to say that in entire about how to go about choosing among more than 5,000 universities and 20,000+ programs globally, please write to us at

Students who wish to study other than the United States may choose among ProB®: Undergraduate Studies in Europe, Asia & Australia; ProM®: MBA Studies in Europe, Asia & Australia; ProZ®: Graduate Studies in Europe, Asia & Australia programs, while those eyeing universities in United States may opt from ExcelB®:Undergraduate Studies in the US; ExcelM®: MBA Studies in the US; ExcelZ®: Graduate Studies in the US.

CHIEF is also Ghana’s only organization having the expertise and experience to help institutions, colleges, training institutes and Test Preparation centers get their students admitted in foreign universities across the widest possible range of undergraduate, graduate, MBA, PhD and other programs. Institutions may choose between the RedStar® and WhiteStar® programs.