Chief - School Services


The CHIEF SCHOOL SERVICES program is armed with state-of-the-art proprietary frameworks and methodologies and a slew of contemporary Skilling & Learning Products. CSS has the capabilities, networks, knowledge and the experience of becoming a single-point Organization Development Partner for Schools across West Africa.

Optimizing professional performance and Maximizing organizational output and success today is directly dependent on people, knowledge- and system resources. Making organizations and people develop, renew and refresh these resources and generate new success paradigms is a highly complex exercise. We, at CHIEF invest huge resources in the research and development of service delivery formats, consulting frameworks, training methodologies and learning tools. All CSS offerings deploy these stringent techniques to deliver longer lasting, focused, accelerated and timely solutions to performance optimization challenges being faced by institutions.

Some of the key frameworks, models and methodologies in our repository include

CSS offers Turnkey Training Solutions on the revolutionary 4-Lever Platform, which the company has developed after rigorous research on how Outsourced Training & Development efforts in organizations can deliver maximum results. The research concluded that an organization needs to exercise an optimal control on training programs delivery and results and should be driven by the duo of performance and change targets prescribed under the corporate plan. The CSS 4-Lever Platform gives the controls back to HR Heads of your school so that they can steer their people development efforts in the right direction.

CSS’s Training Programs are powered by ALRD (Accelerated & Lasting Results Delivery Model). This rigorous methodology is an 11-step process ensuring concentrated results delivery in desired timespan and also the lowest variability of results across multiple editions of a training program.

The RCP Nanogram springs from research findings that an individual’s ability to deliver results depends on how well he/she deals with the “I-problems-others” TRIAD. This model has broken up the TRIAD into “ability drivers” that together create a “result engine” in teachers who would in turn drive the necessary change.

All of CSS’s Thinking Skills programs are powered by MindSync. This technique smartly combines the theories of learning with the latest knowledge of how the human brain stores, retrieves, perceives, processes and interprets information for the purpose of decision making. CSS deploys MindSync in all its programs related to thinking skills development.

The Leadoscope Approach focuses on the key elements of:

Leadership – inspiring teachers to take a journey and creating change in the classroom and beyond.
Management - building the processes, methods and disciplines to ensure achievement of students and administrative staff.
Team Working - harnessing the energy created from the diversity of your team. Blending all these elements creates the best mix of proficiencies, which enable your school’s objectives to be pursued more effectively. Individuals require a combination of leading, managing and team working skills which differ depending on experience and management level within the school. Leadoscope has been specifically designed to reflect this.

BASE is a technique deployed to develop, refresh and polish skills and competencies in important functional areas of the school’s management. The backbone of this technique is clinical attention to practice of using models, concepts and processes deployed in auctioning and decisioning in a functional area. There are 15 practice templates each customizable to learners’ entry capabilities.

PowerStrat drives all CSS’s training programs on Strategy Skills development. The model targets 8 aspects of development in individual students and attempts to empower her/ him with a set of fundamental skills that will help in problem pre-emption, problem solving and solution designing in routine and non-routine situations normally encountered in a typical classroom setting.

The GPM is CSS’s model for Goal Directed People Management. Made of five stages, the model integrates all dynamic aspects of your school’s situation at a given point of time. People Strategy Group at CSS deploys this technique in studying and designing people management models for school.