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The SAT® Test

The SAT test, also known as the SAT Reasoning Test, is used in the application process to colleges and universities in the United States. The test measures critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze and solve problems, and is often thought of as a measure of future college success.

The SAT is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) at various locations across the United States and also at international locations. It is developed, published, and scored by the College Board.

The SAT consists of three major sections: Critical Reading (70 minutes); Mathematics (70 minutes), and Writing (60 minutes) and includes three kinds of questions: Multiple-choice questions; Student-produced responses (mathematics only); Essay question.

Each major section is divided into three parts. There are 10 sub-sections, including an additional 25-minute experimental or “equating” section that may be in any of the three major sections.

Each section receives a score on the scale of 200–800. All scores are multiples of 10. Total scores are calculated by adding up scores of the three sections. The experimental section is used to normalize questions for future administrations of the SAT and does not count toward the final score.

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