Every single key result area of a manager today involves heavy doses of problem solving, planning, strategizing and negotiating. No wonder, managerial decisoning is becoming an increasingly complex amalgam of critical & lateral thinking. To compound matters, the pressures of being “right the very first time” make it impossible for managers to leave things for chance or the next time. That’s where smart Thinking can play a strong ally to them. Needless to say, Smart-thinking managers are critical to an organization’s success today, thanks to rising uncertainty in the environment.

CSS’s MaxxThinkTM is a new-age Critical thinking skills development program, which aims at sharpening the logical thinking faculties on the one hand and on the other, seeks to accelerate the cognitive learning abilities of an individual.

Apart from being a source for strong inputs on the processes and components of thinking (that can lead to distinct competitive advantages!), MaxxThinkTM is also an insightful expose on thinking styles, methodologies and creative processes normally deployed by most successful leader-thinkers.

MaxxThink Benefits

MaxxThink workshops serve to empower participants with thinking tool-kits and a feel for objective, result-driven thinking. More specifically, MaxxThinkTM develops the following:

• Ability to identify, isolate and pin-down causes of routine and strategic managerial problems

• Ability to conceptualize, define, model and analyse events, situations, products etc.

• Skill to disintegrate a large challenge into logical components

• Ability to thread through seemingly unconnected events, instances, symptoms etc., and coalesce a challenge/ problem

• Ability to convert an unstructured problem/ challenge into a set of more solvable problem parts

• Ability to quick-think arguments/ counter arguments for negotiation situations

• An adaptable personal thinking style that’s based on situation

• Skills to process and interpret complex organizational situations