Effective Strategic Planning requires two distinct skillsets – one, to generate feasible and viable strategic solution alternatives, and another, to select the best among these alternatives keeping in view the external and internal challenges on hand. Easily, both these skillsets are dynamic in character and managers need to continuously learn new techniques to remain effective strategic planners for their organizations. In severely competitive markets and industries, strategy mortality is very high and planning horizons shrink from five years to even six months. Consequently, top executives have to be constantly on their toes with their thinking caps on. They also require managers who have the requisite exposures and technical acumen to carry out the different tasks involved in strategic planning.

MaxxStratTM is an intensive CSS program designed to educate and develop client company executives for complex strategic planning exercises. The focus of this program is on helping executives sharpen their strategic thinking skills in addition to giving them an exposure to the latest strategic analysis, planning and implementation techniques and tools. The MaxxStratTM workshops deploy state-of-the-art PowerStrat methodology to ensure delivery of high quality content and learning progress.

Key Takeaways from MaxxStratTM

From a typical MaxxStratTM Workshop, executives can expect the following benefits:

1. Learning the latest techniques and process of detecting, measuring and categorization of opportunities and threats

2. Latest techniques of strategic analysis and decision analytics

3. Scenario building and business-risk calculation and categorization

4. Learning the heuristics of developing strategic alternatives and strategic choice

5. Learning how to make teams for strategic planning and implementation

6. Developing strategy templates for alternate business scenarios

7. Learning how to revise and rework on strategic objectives, vision and mission of your organization

8. Learning how to communicate new strategies to organization stakeholders

Corporate Training & Public Workshops

Outbound Training Solutions

Outbound Training for Team-skills Development

OUR MaxxOutTM state-of-the-art program for the best-rounded outbound training on team-building available anywhere in Africa today. Unlike other outbound training programs, the MaxxOutTM program aims at developing all aspects of a professional’s personality and NOT only Teambuilding.

The MaxxOut Learning Deliverables…

Every MaxxOutTM program is characterized by the following essential deliverables:

1. Team Forming Skills

2. Team Working Skills

3. Team Leading Skills

4. Adversity Management

5. Accelerated Adaptability to New Situations and Contexts

6. Dealing with New People

7. Interpersonal Comfort-Zone Creation

8. Prejudices & Inhibitions Removal

9. Cross-Cultural Bridging

10. Dealing with Gender/ psychographic/ intellectual heterogeneity in team/ group situations

Services Offered under MaxxOutTM Program:

1. Training Objectives scoping in consultation with the client organization

2. Training Program Designing

3. Complete itinerary design

4. Complete Travel Management

5. Learning Report on each participant

The MaxxOutTM Cornerstone…

MaxxOutTM brilliance emanates from its unique methodology called the RCP Nanogram (Results Centered Personality Nanogram), which focuses on developing a professional teacher around 9 key dimensions. The model evaluates and maps how an individual handles “I-Problems-Others” TRIAD and then breaks this TRIAD into “ability drivers”.