Managerial life today is a riot of deadlines, multitasking and prompts actions and if there’s always a dearth felt of any resource, it’s of TIME. Time well managed is time created, and a manger knows this best. Adding speed to your thinking, action and decisions is of critical importance to managerial success today in any institution.

MaxxSpeedTM is CSS’s state-of-the-art program on time management for managers. Spun around the proprietary ClockTone methodology.

MaxxSpeedTM adopts the more aggressive “speed-up” and “make-time” approaches and hence is more effective even for today’s more organized managers.

More specifically, it offers the following learnings:

1. Work-Organization techniques and tools

2. Multitasking & Managing multiple priorities

3. Managing appointments and scheduling events

4. “Making” time and multiplying your productivity

5. Procrastination and its Solution

6. Balancing among “critical”, “essential” and “routine” tasks

7. Creating balance between work and personal time

8. Making meetings shorter and more effective

9. Effective Delegation

10. E-mails and voicemails management

11. Identifying and eliminating time waster

12. Personal Day Planning and Management