Intense competition and rising stakeholder expectations together have made business environment today far too complex to be handled by standard, conventional strategies and tactics. Managers need to think beyond the obvious and out of the box to create opportunities out of nowhere and to rapidly nullify the impact of threats. Today’s organizations are empowering their managers for more “courageous” decision making and seeking to break out of the so-called bureaucracy box, which restricts and stifles creative decision making.

CSS’s MaxxovateTM trains school executives on techniques of “breakthrough thinking” using threads of logic and inputs from the environment. The focus of MaxxovateTM trainers is on helping participants learn to define and detect “thought sources” and map alternate thinking tracks for faster and more accurate thinking results.

MaxxovateTM is powered by the revolutionary MindSync technique. This technique smartly combines the theories of learning with the latest knowledge of how the human brain stores, retrieves, perceives, processes and interprets information for the purpose of decision making.

Key MaxxovateTM Benefits:

MaxxovateTM helps school managers explore wide array of practices and techniques required to leverage new developments in technologies, consumption and purchase patterns and competitive landscapes. More specifically, MaxxovateTM leads to the following learnings:

1. Understanding and removing blocks to creativity 2. Understanding key elements of logical and lateral thinking 3. Defining “thought boxes” in different managerial decision situations

4. Mapping creative processes and creating creativity templates for other members

5. Effective “brainstorming” techniques for maximum output

6. How to balance between lateral and logical thinking to meet organization purposes