Organizations in the new millennium need knowledge workers to succeed and consequently employees and managers across the board are becoming increasingly knowledgeable, skilled and self-driven. These are the people to be led. Considering the quantum leap in the expectations and capabilities of “followers” today, an entirely new paradigm is needed to lead. One that succeeds despite the times. In MaxxLeadTM, CSS uses a radically different concept, which works from the “followers” and “results” view points, and hence, is ruthlessly realistic.

As we have experienced, best leaders today are not only motivators, mentors, trainers and achievers, they are dynamic change masters. Easily, therefore, in order to perform each of these roles with élan, a leader has to exhibit a complex range of hard and soft skills and competencies.

MaxxLeadTM works on a participant on four different fronts – character, managerial abilities, thinking & visioning and interpersonal effectiveness.

All MaxxLeadTM programs are punctuated with exercises on “decisoning dilemmas” which participants actually identify with their work-place realities.

Customizable to a school’s specific requirements, MaxxLeadTM comes in two-days, three-days and four-days formats, with facilities of boot camps as well.

Key takeaways from a typical MaxxLeadTM workshop include:

1. Learnings on “decision environment” identification

2. Exposure to Stochastic and heuristic leadership situations

3. Switching from one leadership style to another

4. Communicating across levels

5. Visioning and “breakthrough thinking” ideas

6. Opportunities detection ideas and skills

7. Change Mastering and Championing

8. People selection, Team Building, mentoring and Performance Appraisal