Chief - Maxx COMM

The abilities to talk, converse, present, negotiate, debate, discuss and write effectively are a must-have for professionals whose roles involve public dealings, client interactions, negotiations, advocacy, and stakeholder-interfaces. The effectiveness of managers in the workplace overwhelmingly depends on soft skills. On how well they judge the instincts, intentions and impulses of people around them and how smartly do they communicate with them. The 80 hours of this high-action program by CSS develop skills, feel, instincts and reflexes for impressive, complete and effective communication.

Worldclass Methodologies...

Completely unlike the usual ones conducted by individual trainers, this workshop features Africa’s three of the most unique communication effectiveness methodologies- MetaComm, PresTech and SPHERE and deploys video-taped feedbacks, skill-builder exercises, cases, assessment and games to ensure high quality training results.

MaxxComm is an action-soaked 80 hours soft-skills program powered by techniques like MetaComm, PresTech and SPHERE. It is designed specially for professionals, whose job necessarily includes dealing with people, talking, presenting and creating positive impressions. MaxxComm goes much beyond the ordinary voice & accent training, and concentrates on developing the complete professional personality of participants so that they do not only leverage optimally their technical knowledge and skills for creating positive impressions, but also grow faster in their careers.

MaxxComm program covers all vital aspects related to communication structuring, delivery and impact. MaxxComm exposes participants on:

1. How to impress others and create a strong personal brand equity

2. How to talk, converse and present yourself powerfully at work and in personal life

3. How to Structure Content & manage knowledge for Communication effectiveness

4. How to speak English well (Voice, Accent and Pronunciation)

5. How to perform well in Interviews

6. How to leverage your Relationships and networks

7. How to Communicate in Heterogenous & cross-cultural Teamwork Situations

8. How to Communicate with Clients, Senior Executives & Peers

Key Deliverables:

• Widely Acceptable MaxxComm Certification After Successful Completion

• Results-Critical Skill-Building in 12 key communication practice, decision and action areas

• Learning Through Reality projects, domain Studies and Workshops

• Relationship-Building Opportunities in the Industry.