Chief - The Ivyleague Boot camp

The Ivyleague Boot camp

What makes top US Universities legendary is the rapid fire qualitative analytical skills their graduates possess. Learn how to understand and critically evaluate a diverse range of theories, paradigms, and ideas, learn close text analysis and effective synopsis of even very different ideas. In short, learn how to read, write, and argue with the best of the best.

Dr. Robert is an alumni of Phillips Exeter's famous Harkness table, a graduate of Stanford, and received his doctorate from Yale. In this course, he we will recreate a very realistic simulation of an intense top school seminar. Tackle some the West's most intense thinkers from Jared Diamond, Terry Eagleton, Claude Levi-Strauss, Michelle Foucault. The way you think will never be the same. Plus, you will never fear a top school seminar ever again! This is how you really prepare to go to a top school! Not some grovelling admission essay....

Warning-this class will be reading, writing and debate intensive. You may be asked to leave for failing to prepare adequately. Class size is limited and by invitation only. Please submit your transcript and a brief description of why you want to take the course. Thoughtfulness and originality are appreciated