Chief - Centre For Higher International Education Facilitation

In this millennium and beyond, the future of mankind and our universe will hinge on imagination, intellect, compassion and knowledge and on the quality of our youth. Their education will perhaps be the most decisive driver of our future because, their minds, reflexes and bodies will have to be prepared for a future, which is way too complex than the futures of our past generations.

Where to study and what to study, are two of the most critical decisions today’s youngsters have to make in their lives.

At CHIEF, we create international education opportunities for our youth. We try to bulldoze the barriers of geography and costs by providing scholarships to study abroad and to help them study what they want to and not what they are forced to. Our network of international education agents, experts, professionals and associates have assisted more than 5000 students worldwide get the finest of international education from prestigious institutions including Princeton, MIT, Stanford and Harvard.

At CHIEF, we see Ghana as a microcosm of the world – a vivid specimen of the world’s challenges and opportunities – reflecting in Ghana’s own resplendent colors. We see Ghana as a future powerhouse with millions of teeming young talents ready to make a difference. We are keen to help Ghana so that it begins to make a difference to the world through facilitating education that is world class.