Chief - Homeserve

HomeServe® comes to you loaded with the same CHIEF expertise that’s become a benchmark for Ghana for years now. HomeServe® provides the same world-class services delivered by CHIEF experts at your home to provide maximum convenience, without sacrificing quality.

THROTTLE®, CHIEF’s proprietary methodology for rapid learning and skill development in improvement areas. The RigorMill®, our test regime which provides you assurance that you have practiced more than enough to get as close to 99 percentile as one can, with a test prep program. LearnSure® CHIEF’s proprietary methodology which ensures comprehensive learning in only essential areas of study. The Matrix® for helping you get into the best possible international institution.

These super techniques from CHIEF, are all provided as part of our home tutorials and admission counseling services to ensure it is packed with the very best, because we know, your time is precious. We believe in serving our customers, wherever suits that best and produces the best results.

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