CSS Research Foundation is the fountainhead of all the training tools, techniques and methodologies deployed by CHIEF trainers and consultants worldwide.

Over the last three years, CSS has perfected nearly a dozen skill-building/ training methodologies across all possible training intervention areas in a modern school.

CSSF’s research activities cut across aspects ranging from the basic pedagogy and learning taxonomy, to applicative and empirical research, particularly in adult learning aspects. Most CSSF research aims at helping in the development of cutting-edge, wider-spectrum skills formulation methodologies.

CSSF Applicative Research arm concentrates on incubating emergent training methodologies and grooming them for skill-development practice by professional trainers and teachers. CSSF Fundamental Research arm dedicates attention to aspects like exploring and developing insights into processes of learning and analyzing how external stimuli and environment impact abilities, speeds, nature and life of learning in organizations and individuals.

CSSF also acts as a test-bed for various skill-development and human capacity building techniques, which CHIEF trainers develop empirically. Training experiences internationally are archived, collated and compared to distill relevant learnings related to the design and operations of alternative training systems and patterns. CSSF deploys the resultant knowledge to evaluate the quality of training techniques as well as to ascertain problems and dilemmas in pedagogic practice.

Besides conducting in-house research, CSSF supports research programs of other institutions/organizations by providing financial assistance and academic guidance.

Assistance is given to scholars for publication of their research papers. Research fellowships are awarded to encourage studies to create a research base on modern training methodologies and to create a pool of competent researchers and trainers in this unique field. The Foundation also organizes courses for Learning research scientists. CSSF has facilities for archiving and sharing important research findings. It also collaborates with international agencies in inter-country research projects.