Chief - Chief Acadmic Enrichment Program

Chief Acadmic Enrichment Program

Great education designs great minds. And great education demands a combination of the right educational ideology; a matching academic and education delivery system and motivated, enlightened teachers and academic staff.

The greatest of schools, colleges and universities worldwide have become what they have, not only because of the brilliance of what they teach, but quite critically because their faculty and teachers have a passion for exploring and transferring knowledge smartly and selflessly.

Introduction The Faculty Enrichment program

The Faculty Enrichment module of the CHIEF Academic Enrichment Program (CAEP) seeks to re-orient and drive teachers toward more democratic and participatory method of instruction that promotes understanding of fundamentals through exploration, experimentation, application and co-learning among students. This module aims at:

1. Orienting and enriching the beliefs and attitude toward teaching and making them appreciate the concept of “multiple intelligences”

2. Making teachers introspect and self-evaluate their strengths and weaknesses

3. Making teachers help move away from “instruction” and passivity-centered Pedagogical approaches to a more self-determined “heutagogical” approach to learning among students