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QS MBA Tour Was Awesome!

By Chief Global on October 15 , 2012 in Events

At the last QS MBA Tour hosted at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel two weeks ago, we were reminded again about the rising demand for international (especially American) education. We had hoped for a modest two hundred people. Almost a thousand turned up and had to be managed in batches of ten. Staff (CHIEF, QS and Movenpick) were outnumbered to say the least.

With a rather troubled educational system even on the tertiary level, it is clear that most people now prefer international education and the American systems still provides the most opportunities and stands tall as the destination of choice with the UK coming in second place.

On days like that; we are encouraged and reminded again about the importance of the work we do and the role we play in shaping the dreams of individuals and the future of our nation and continent.

Unfortunately we could not squeeze everyone into the sixty-seater conference hall where the presentations were delivered. Only some one hundred and fifty could get in and we were truly unhappy with the situation as the larger Movenpick conference halls were all booked for the day.

In the end we had to send the rest straight to the exhibition halls where the participating institutions were ready to talk to them and provide the materials they need in order to make the decisions that will change their lives forever. HULT Business School was especially in high demand this time as their reputation as key destination for postgraduate business studies has grown over the years.

We met some extremely interesting people including high profile executives from notable organizations at the who are looking for opportunities to upgrade themselves. CHIEF boss Mr. Ali Iddrisu was at his best as he delivered an insightful presentation on what it takes and how easy things really are.

The indefatigable Monique was on hand with her team of CHIEF ladies to answer questions and manage the flow of the event. Whiles we are certain we left no stones unturned, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you were not there I will advice you do not miss the next one. Just drop us a line and we will respond faster than you would expect.

Shaping dreams is what we do.

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