Chief - The Big Dream Program

The Big Dream Program

Big dream is Ghana’s very first world class career and ambition management initiative for under-university students and aspiring high-voltage teenagers-and we call them BigDreamers!

Big dreamers get a hi-impact, all-encompassing customized BigDream Report, prepared by a team of international experts after poring through your vitals, passions, strengths and dreams!

Covering more than a dozen success-critical areas, the big dream report is actually your complete, step-by-step guide to becoming what you have dreamt up. Including what and where to study next; how to build your ’’brand’’ gradually in your school and city; how to add to your skillsets; what hobbies to pursue; where to intern and do projects from; what type of reading and writing to do; how to build your leadership abilities and how to become a powerful, success-bound individual. Because we want you to hit the spot right away. No trial and errors. Clearly defined strategies, action-steps; development-targets and schedules for you to build yourself worth a big dream

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